Homeworker Protection

During COVID lockdown, the number of knowledge-worker employees working from home, across all types of businesses, has increased significantly. Coincidentally, over the same period, the number of cyberattacks on home networks has rocketed.


Cybercriminals are exploiting weak cyber security in home networks. Once on a homeworker’s home network, an attacker (be that human, malware, or ai-bot) maybe able to access confidential information the employees are accesssing from home; such as client data, business data, intellectual property, etc. Furthermore, if an attacker can gain sufficient foothold in the home network, its just a small jump onto the corporate network.


The most likely route for an attacker to gain access to a SMART IoT home network. Today, a mirad of ip-enable smart-devices are available. It only takes a single hole in one device to act as a wide-open door for a cyber attacker.

How many internet-connected devices on your network? Webcams, IPTV, CCTV, smart home assistants (such as Alexa, Echo, etc), games consoles, smart heating systems, ip-enabled doorbells, children’s toys (such as BB9 droid or the Cayla doll).

Even with fully secure ip-enabled devices an attacker may still be able to enter a network via weak security on a family member’s PC or mobile device.

SOHO (Satellite Office/Home Office) Security

Most businesses today provide staff who work remotely with anti-virus software and a VPN connection back to the corporate office. Both are important elements in an overall security posture; AV protects against downloading viruses contained in documents, whilst VPN provides an encrypted channel between corporate networks and SOHO networks.

Yet neither offer protection to the home network – allowing an attacker to remain hidden whilst going about nefarious activities. From a security standpoint, an IT department can secure a work device because they know it is there. But what about the devices they cannot see?


Botprobe’s fully managed security-as-a-service portfolio can provide home-workforce protection on your behalf. Our “blackbox” probes connect directly to a home worker’s router, and sit quietly in the background whilst patrolling the entire home-network looking for malicious behavior. Our probes feed network traffic back to Botprobe’s cloud

When a probe senses suspicious activity, it feeds network traffic into Botprobe’s cloud-based security portal, where the traffic is analysed and alerts are raised. Should we notice something, we alert the IT team via email or SMS. We can also alert the home user is so desired.

As well as providing cyber-guards that patrol the home-network, we also provide activity reports. We provide simple reports for lay-users, and more detailed reports for IT administrators.

Our fully-managed service complements existing security measures – firewalls, anti-virus, browser security, VPNs, by protecting the network. At some point, all information must travel over the network.

Think of us as your network anti-virus.

Existing SIEM Integration

For businesses that already have their own SIEM and would prefer to manage their own satellite office / home-workfore security, we can provide a non-managed solution.

Our intelligent ai-driven data-capture makes it cost effective to send network traffic into your SIEM. Our algorithms remove around 95% of superfluous network traffic to feed ONLY the security related traffic into your SIEM.

Purchase our probes as a hardware appliance, or as software (Linux only today).

Purchase our SIEM detection rules to compliment your existing security solution.


Botprobe Benefits

Affordable solutions that scale for multiple home workers

Corporate network protection, as well as increased home worker protection

Increased accuracy and speed of cyber threat detection

Powerful detection capabilities via our cloud-based SIEM

PLUG-AND-PLAY easy to install capture “blackbox” probes

Security-as-a-Service (B2C)

Botprobe’s fully managed service is optimised for businesses. We do not actively sell to non-corporate home users, although we recognise the need to provide a smart home netwok security solution. We can provide an equivalent managed solution for non-business cases, depending on individual home network setups.

Purchasing our home-user managed solution is via referral from one of our corporate clients.

At the heart of our ethos is “simplicity in cyber security.”

We believe central to this is less data, but better data.