Home Workforce Protection

For many of us, COVID-19 has changed our working lives. Office-based employees have undergone an abrupt shift to working from home. Some may never go back to working 5 days in the office. Both businesses and employee can see the benefits of our new hybrid way of working.

Is it just coincidence that cyber attacks have increased during the Covid pandemic?

Cybercriminals are developing and boosting their attacks at an alarming pace, exploiting the fear and uncertainty caused by the unstable social and economic situation created by COVID-19.
Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL Secretary General


Cybercriminals may have many different motives for attack. Yet an attempt to breach a corporate homeworker network has three potential goals:

1) Theft – of sensitive client data, business data or intellectual IP

2) Chaos – preventing employees from doing their job

3) Higher-value assets – once on an employee network, its just a small jump to the corporate network.


A serious contributor to cyber attacks is lack of staff cyber awareness training. Cyber awareness applies as much when working remotely as it does in the office. Employees are accessing the same data. So the security controls still apply. Particulary if regulatory compliance applies, such as for GDPR. Yet many staff are afraid, or embarrassed, to declare a cyber breach to the IT department.

There are many challenges in protecting home workers. Our home enviroments are also contributing to the number of cyber attacks. One challenge is that many home networks are shared. Not only with other family members, but with an ever increasing number of internet-connected smart devices. Webcams, nannycams, home personal assistants (such as Alexa, Echo, etc), games consoles, smart home heating systems, smart home security (ip-enabled doorbells, CCTV), smart appliances (kettles, fridges, TV) and children’s WiFi-connected toys.

 A single hole in any one of these devices is a wide-open door for a cyber attacker.

SOHO Security

Small Offices and Home Offices may never enjoy the same robust cyber security measures as the corporate network. Yet three criteria mustbe considered in the Home Security Triad.

   1) Attack from using the Internet

  – deploy VPN technology to provide secure connections to the corporate network.

  – encourage password management software so staff can use strong passwords.

  2) Attack from using software

  – deploy anti-virus software to prevent infection through downloaded documents

  – ensure staff do not use their own cloud-based accounts to store documents

  – enforce that staff do not download non-business approved software, such as video conferencing tools.

  3) Physical Attack, e.g. from a hacker

This is where it gets hard for an IT department. Access to the home network is beyond an IT departments visibility, and remit. A firewall in a home router used to be secure “enough”. Today, smart devices provide other doors to a home network. From a security standpoint, an IT department cannot secure the devices it cannot see. 


Botprobe’s fully-managed security-as-a-service portfolio complements existing security measures. Such as firewalls, anti-virus, browser security, VPNs.

Our managed security portfolio includes protection from malicious intruders, preventation against data loss and enhanced internet safety.

1) Easy to install

Our plug-and-play probes connect directly to a home worker’s router, patrolling the entire home-network looking for malicious behavior.

2) Alerting

Should we notice something unusual we alert the IT team via email or sms. We can also alert the home user.

3) User Dashbaord

As well as alerts, employees have the option of accessing our cloud-based dashboard portal. The portal provides alert summaries and easy-to-understand activity reports. We provide simple reports for lay-users, and more detailed reports for IT administrators

Botprobe Benefits

Affordable solutions that scale for multiple home workers

Corporate network protection, as well as increased home worker protection

Increased accuracy and speed of cyber threat detection

Powerful detection capabilities via our cloud-based SIEM

PLUG-AND-PLAY easy to install capture “blackbox” probes

Our Vision

We believe that any business, industry or home network with smart IP-enable IoT devices in their infrastructure, should have access to simple, affordable and effective protection against malicious software and hackers