Botprobe is a specialist data capture company, committed to fighting the challenges presented from big data to threat detection - namely high volume, high velocity unstructured data. We believe in taking a minimalist approach to capturing cyber security data, be that network traffic PCAP files that feed into intrusion detect systems, or log data that is upload to a SIEM.

Whilst lots of data is good, having the right data is better when it comes to analysis. Today, our hardware and software probes adapt in real-time to changes in network traffic, to capture only the data needed for threat detection engines, and nothing else. We are building machine intelligence that will be able to predict how a threat evolves, so we can continue to capture the minimum volume of data that is needed for analysis engines.

Botprobe Ltd is based in the heart of silicon fen in Cambridge, UK. Our team are specialists in cyber security, data capture and analysis, and machine learning.



Our vision is to make full-packet capture obsolete within cyber-security, replacing it with intelligent in-packet capture.
If we can achieve this, our clients will have one less big data challenge to worry about.


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