Corporate Homeworker
Cyber Protection



Cyber intruders will always look for the easiest way in.

You have worked hard to build impenetrable walls around your corporate network.

Don’t leave them an open door through your staff working from home.


Today, staff working from home share their network with a multitude of smart devices. Personal assistants, webcams, smart home-heating, game consoles, smart TVs. Most of which are beyond the visibility and remit of the IT department.

A single exposure in any device might be enough to give a cybercriminal a gateway into a home network.


If an intruder is allowed access to a home network, they have a choice of objectives:

Data theft

Service interruption

Target higher-value assets – such as the corporate network

Fully-managed Security-as-a-Service

Homeworker Protection

Intruder Detection

Botprobe warns of suspicious behaviour indicative of network compromise by a hacker;

  • attempts to exploit device vulnerabilities
  • port scans
  • unusual traffic profiles
  • unknown devices on the network
  • and more …

Data Loss Prevention

Botprobe warns of activity indicative of data loss;

  • unusual data transfer
  • unusual traffic to encrypted servers
  • traffic destined to TOR anonymising networks
  • VPN bypass
  • IT policy violations
  • and more …

How does it work?

01/ Plug-and-play

Our probes connect straight into a home router. Devices that need protection are then connected via the probe’s WiFi.

02/ Capture

Botprobe monitors the network for threat data. This data is then sent to our cloud portal for analysis.

03/ Alert

IT administrators and users start receiving alerts about suspicious activity. Or they can use Botprobe’s dashboard in the cloud.


Any organisation with a home workforce that handles confidential data or sensitive IP

will benefit from the extra cyber protection provided by Botprobe.



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