Simpler cyber security for everyone

Applying the power of simplicity to cyber threat detection

What We Do

Intelligent threat data capture, to reduce the size of your digital haystacks.


   less than 10% of a network packet is relevant in cyber threat detection


most sources of cyber threat produce unstructured data


     cyber security doesn’t have to mean complexity

Whilst lots of data is good in cyber threat detection, having the right data is better.

Our hardware and software probes adapt to changes in network traffic threat profiles,

to capture only the data your detection engines need, and nothing else

   Empower SOC analysts

  • Faster threat detection
  • Easier threat hunting

  Data: less, but better

  • Reduce SIEM bills
  • Mitigate big data issues

   Smarter data storage

  • Enable post-attack forensics
  • Meet regulatory compliance

Simplify your security — without simplifying your protection



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