hybrid workers


Corporate cyber security technology

for the home network

 As more people choose to work from home, attackers are re-evaluating where the easy targets lie. An increasing number of attacks on home networks suggests that protection is not as strong as it should be.

Botprobe brings established corporate cyber technologies into the home workplace, to protect your data, your workforce and your networks.




“Its what you don’t know about that’ll get you…”

How does it work?

01/ Plug-and-play

Our probes connect straight into a home router. Devices that need protection are then connected via the probe’s WiFi.

02/ Capture

Botprobe monitors the network for threat data. This data is then sent to our cloud portal for analysis.

03/ Alert

IT administrators and users receive alerts about suspicious activity. Or they use Botprobe’s dashboard in the cloud.

What does it do?

We have re-engineered technologies that form the bedrock of corporate security, for the smart home network:

  • Continuous Vulnerability Assessment
  • Malicious Attacker Detection
  • Data Loss Prevention

Monitors network devices to identify weaknesses before an attacker can use them

Alerts to the presence of an attacker on the network before any damage can be done

Enforces compliance requirements to ensure data is not lost to an attacker

60% of SMBs anticipate more than half of their workforce working remotely post COVID.

In the UK, an SMB is successfully hacked every 19 seconds.

60% of SMBs are out of business 6 months after a cyberattack.


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