Secure Home Working

With up to 47% of the global desk-based workforce working from home/satellite-offices, the proliferation of unsecured home network devices enlarges your organisation’s attack surface in favour of the cyber criminal, allowing access to your corporate network.

Home Worker Security Briefing Paper

Download our brieing document that explains why you should be protecting your home worker’s networks as well as end-point devices, in order to protect your corporate network.

Pre-Attack Cyber Forensics

Our intelligent data-capture algorithms can reduce network traffic capture volumes by up to 95%, allowing network traffic to be utilised in pre-attack forensics.

Malicious Threat Detection

Our highly efficient, threat-optimised network traffic capture algorithms can reduce network traffic capture volumes by up to 95%, making it possible to feed network traffic into SIEMs to correlate with event logs for faster threat identification.

Cyber Security Technology

Botprobe’s intelligent data-capture solutions enable a new generation of network centric Cyber Security that is faster, more accurate and simpler. Our innovate technology allows for a new wave of smarter and simpler cyber detection.

Threat Detection

Our threat-optimised network traffic capture algorithms sit on hardware or software probes; reduce data volumes by up to 95% whilst structuring the data at the point of capture.

Botprobe means

  • it is now cost effective to feed network traffic into SIEMs
  • smarter, more effective Intrustion Detection System rules can be created

Home Worker Protection

Never before has the satellite office proved such a risk to the corporate network. Cyber attacks have rocketed since Covid as VPN and anti-virus alone no longer provide adequate protection.

Botprobe means

  • home office Intrusion Detection Systems become a must have
  • low cost products, as our algorithms are optimisation for low powered devices

+ more …

Archival & Forensics

Our intelligent data-capture algorithms can lower captured network traffic volumes by up to 95%, where storage of network traffic is needed for pre-attack forensics or legal interception.

Botprobe means

  • the long term archival of network traffic is now cost effective
  • cyber forensics on historical network traffic is possible

Download our FREE briefing document:

“Securing Home Workers in a Post-Covid World.”

What makes us different

Whilst having lots of data really helps in cyber threat detection, having the right data is more important. Our hardware and software probes adapt to changes in network traffic threat profiles, to capture only the data your detection engines need, and nothing else.

01/ Reduce

Our R&D has shown that very few fields are used during threat detection. Our innovate technology reduces the volume of data that requires processing to detect malicious activity by up to 95%, compared with traditional techniques, without losing the all important context of the threat conversation.

02/ Structure

Most useful threat intelligence sources are unstructured. This means the first task in data analysis is to put the data into a known structure. Botprobe turns unstructured network traffic into structured data, at point of capture, meaning network traffic can be feed into any analysis engine, such as SIEM.

03/ Simplify

Simplifying data capture means that simplicity can be maintained across the entire detection process. Starting from a significantly reduced volume of structured data, an analyst can dive straight into their job of tracing and mitigating a threat, rather than spending valuable time preparing the analysis data.





  Any organisation that appreciates the severity of threats facing their confidential data and IP in today’s world would benefit from the added protection that Botprobe provides.

This is especially true in our focus sectors:



Home Call Centres

Small Pharma


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