Cyber Threat Protection

for your hybrid workforce

Simple, fully-managed, affordable protection against HACKERSDATA LOSS and IT COMPLIANCE VIOLATION

Are you considering the benefits of hybrid working?

As we emerge from lockdown, many businesses are considering offering their staff the option of working from both home and the office.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that homeworker security is not as strong as it needs to be. Over 20% of security breaches during lockdown have attributed remote working as the main contributing factor.

When users access the same data from home as they do in the office, this data is still subject to the same regulatory compliance and intergrity requirements. Many Data Protection Officers are concerned that home working setups could compromise compliance requirements; in particular GDPR, resulting in significant fines.

When users connecting remotely, their home networks becomes an extension of the corporate network. Yet, very few home networks use intrusion detection – a staple of corporate network security. Furthermore, many home networks now have the added security complication of smart devices – the most likely route for an attack.

 VPN and antivirus software are only part of the solution.  

 Botprobe provides network level cyber security for home networks, to protect against




Fully-managed Security-as-a-Service

How does it work?

01/ Plug-and-play

Our probes connect straight into a home router. Devices that need protection are then connected via the probe’s WiFi.

02/ Capture

Botprobe monitors the network for threat data. This data is then sent to our cloud portal for analysis.

03/ Alert

IT administrators and users receive alerts about suspicious activity. Or they use Botprobe’s dashboard in the cloud.

50% of SMBs anticipate more than half of their workforce working remotely post COVID.

In the UK, an SMB is successfully hacked every 9 seconds.

60% of SMBs are out of business 6 months after a cyberattack.



nefarious activity that firewalls and AV cannot stop


all devices across the entire home – even IoT


on potential homeworker GDPR breaches


IT policy at home offices


poor user security awareness


the corporate network against breaches from satellite offices

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Hackers will always look for the easiest way in

You’ve worked hard to build impenetrable walls around your corporate network.

Don’t give a hacker an open door through your staff working from home.