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Businesses don’t think twice about installing anti-virus on employee devices.

But how does an IT department protect other devices on a smart home network that they cannot see? Smart speakers, smart assistants, CCTV, smart heating systems, gaming consoles, smart entertainment … the list continues to grow.

A single exposure in a smart device might provide a cybercriminal with a foothold in a home network. Then its only a small jump to your corporate network.

Home Workforce Protection

Intruder Detection

Botprobe warns of suspicious behaviour indicative of network compromise by a hacker;

  • attempts to exploit device vulnerabilities
  • port scans
  • unusual traffic profiles
  • unknown devices on the network
  • and more …

Data Loss Detection

Botprobe warns of activity indicative of data loss;

  • unusual data transfer
  • unusual traffic to encrypted servers
  • traffic destined to TOR anonymising networks
  • VPN bypass
  • IT policy violations
  • and more …

Activity Dashboards

Insight into who is doing what on your network;

  • websites visited, by device
  • data transfer, by device
  • suspicious web activity, by device
  • new device discovery
  • and more …

How does it work?

01/ Plug-in

Botprobe plugs-in directly to the user’s home router. The user then connects their devices to Botprobe’s WIFI.

02/ Capture

Botprobe captures security data off the network, and sends it to our cloud portal for analysis.

03/ Alert

IT admins, or users themselves, receive alerts about suspicious network activity via email, SMS or through a dashboard report.


  Any organisation with a home workforce that handles confidential data or IP would benefit from the protection provided by Botprobe.



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